If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence, dating violence, or stalking, contact The Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance to speak with a confidential advocate. Advocates are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 848-932-1181.

After an act of sexual violence, dating violence, and stalking, your emotional and physical health are important. You should consider going to a place that you feel secure and comfortable. There are a variety of resources available to you to assist in your recovery.

You can get medical attention to help with any immediate concerns, you can preserve evidence if you are interested in ever pursuing a University or criminal process, and you can receive counseling and other advocacy.

Advocates are confidential resources for survivors. They are available 24/7 through the Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance. An advocate’s role is to:

  • Assure that the survivor is aware of and understands their various legal, medical and university-based options,
  • Talk with the survivor about their feelings and concerns,
  • Provide ongoing support during the time of crisis and during any medical or legal process.

You have a right to have an advocate with you during any process you choose to engage in. Contact an advocate by calling 848-932-1181.

Outside Resources

If you, or someone you know, are in danger or need immediate assistance please call 911.